Sophia Rodriguez

For State Representative

Educator. Public Education Advocate. Latina. Business Manager. Candidate for Ohio House of Representatives. 

Now is the time to put the
US in Columbus Leadership. 

I believe in addressing social injustices, equitable public education funding, healthcare for all, strong first responders’ funding, and leadership accountability to build a strong economical, healthy, and safe Ohio.
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About Sophia

Miss Sophia Rodriguez, a graduate of Celina Schools, with a BA in Spanish from Ohio University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Wright State University, proudly announces her candidacy for Ohio House of Representatives. 

Rodriguez is a high school Spanish teacher in Coldwater School and co-manager of her family restaurant of 41 years in Celina. She has served on the Mercer County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Ohio Education Association Board of Directors, National Education Association Board of Directors, President of the Western Ohio Education Association, President of the Coldwater Teachers’ Organization, Chair of the Ohio Education Association Hispanic Caucus, President of Celina City Council, and as an educational adjunct at the Wright State University Lake Campus. 

Mission & Values

Sophia, the daughter of migrant workers who became successful entrepreneurs themselves, believes that when we lift one person, we lift all persons in our community. She is a leader who will have a voice for the marginalized and underserved. Columbus needs leaders who find value in religious diversity rather than conflict, value in ethnic differences rather than in suppression, value in public education rather than cuts to funding, and value in the experiences and leadership women can bring to Ohio. 

Miss Rodriguez believes “When there are equitable job opportunities, properly funded public education, affordable healthcare options, strong first responder teams, and well-supported nonprofit groups, we can build a safer, healthier, and more productive community for all of us.”

In regards to the ongoing redistricting crisis in Columbus, Rodriguez commented, “With the unknown status of district lines and boundaries, it was decided to collect the majority of signatures from the county where I reside and plan to stay. Whichever the district number, we need a voice of experience that comes from the trenches.  A voice for the people who seek a good job with a living wage, a safer environment for their families, great public education, and affordable healthcare, in a fair and just society.”

The working middle class people need a voice in Columbus. They need someone who understands and recognizes their personal histories, rich cultural diversity and the value they bring to Ohio.

How do we get there?

  • Support equitable school funding for our rural and city areas
  • Support spending Ohio taxpayer money wisely by investing in Ohio’s people
  • Support municipalities’ funding for growth for increased local revenue
  • Support law enforcements’ efforts for keeping us safe
  • Support small businesses in tax breaks and employee benefits
  • Support union strong industry for employee benefits
  • Support Grand Lake St. Mary’s efforts in safe recreational waters
  • Support our senior citizens to live the life they have earned to live in comfort

If we are not investing in the people who make up Ohio, then we are failing in our civic duty in our state..

About the District

After months of redistricting, lawsuits, and gerrymandering, our new 84th district is made up of all of Mercer County, Northern Darke County, and Southern Auglaize County. View a district map here:

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Sophia’s Ask-

I want to see people who look like me making laws and policies that directly affect me and my family. Most people in Columbus have no idea what it is like for people like me. I am a second generation Latina from immigrant parents. They have followed the American dream by starting two businesses, raised 4 children, and taught their children that we are put on this earth to help other people.  

I believe in that, but I can’t do it myself. Will you help?

Election Day inches closer….

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